Your IMA Retirement Team


President, IMA Retirement

Rob is an accomplished business executive with an impressive track record in the retirement industry. His leadership, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to client success have left a significant impact on the organizations he has served. Throughout his career, Rob’s strategic insights and client-centric approach have been instrumental in driving team success.

As a seasoned leader, Rob has spearheaded restructuring and recruitment efforts, effectively managed diverse sales teams, and consistently demonstrated resilience and adaptability. Notably, during challenging times, including the Covid pandemic, Rob’s leadership played a pivotal role in achieving positive outcomes.

Rob’s vision for IMA Retirement revolves around innovation, client empowerment, and holistic financial wellness. Under his guidance, IMA Retirement continues to expand its technology, capabilities, and training, ensuring a brighter financial future for clients.

When not helping more people achieve a successful retirement, you can often find Rob spending quality time with his family or experimenting with flavors and creating delicious dishes in his kitchen.