Plan DesignConsulting

Creating a Path to Help Employees Reach their Retirement Goals

Striving to achieve better retirement outcomes for employees starts with innovative plan design. We guide clients through strategic goal setting aimed at aligning plan design with the organization’s goals and objectives leading to the potential for greater plan success as defined by enhanced asset accumulation and greater potential income replacement.

PLANavigator™: Shifting the Paradigm of Creating Successful Participant Outcomes

PLANavigator™ allows a retirement plan committee to construct the most effective plan for their employees based on their needs and plan’s objectives.

PLANavigator™ clearly identifies how each plan design variable affects forecasts of employer costs, asset accumulation, average account balance, participation, and ultimately and most importantly, participant outcomes. By seeking to maximize employer cost effectiveness and enhancing participant outcomes, PLANavigator™ aims to create a successful retirement plan.

PLANavigator™ technology is not proprietary to IMA Retirement. This technology is offered through the RPAG platform. RPAG and IMA Retirement are separate, non-affiliated companies. IMA Retirement pays RPAG for use of their platform and resources.


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