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IMA Retirement can act as an ERISA §3(21) investment advisor or ERISA §3(38) investment manager to the retirement plan with respect to the selection and monitoring of investments. Clients receive an investment policy statement, quarterly investment scorecard and market summaries, as well as transition assistance whenever the plan terminates or hires a fund manager.

Backed by an investment committee, our Scorecard System™ may potentially help our clients improve outcomes, manage risk and reduce fiduciary exposure. Using a custom benchmark index which explains a fund’s market and style-related investment returns, the analysis will show unexplained variances attributed to manager skill.

Fueled by our institutional approach, our investment review incorporates:

  • Modern portfolio theory statistics
  • Quadratic optimization analysis
  • Risk-adjusted return
  • Fund style
  • Peer group rankings
  • Fund manager tenure
  • The fund’s expense ratio relative to the average fund expense ratio in the asset class category
  • The fund’s style and strength of statistics
  • Target-Date Fund Suitability

The Fiduciary Fitness ProgramTM, Fiduciary Diagnostic™, and Fiduciary Plan Review™ technology are not proprietary to IMA Retirement. This technology is offered through the RPAG platform. RPAG and IMA Retirement are separate, non-affiliated companies. IMA Retirement pays RPAG for use of their platform and resources.


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